Burning Man NYC

Covid-19 UPDATE: As the NYC Community braces during the Covid-19 pandemic, here is a growing resource document that we wanted to share. Please feel free to share and send any additional information to NewYork@burningman.org. We will update this weekly.

Be safe & be well

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Burning Man is

August 30 through September 7, 2020

Burning Man is a 70,000 participant art and culture event held annually in Black Rock City, Nevada during the week leading up to Labor Day. There are also smaller regional events throughout the year all over the world.

Many NEW YORKERS attend Burning Man. There are many THEME CAMPS and PROJECTS created by New Yorkers. Year round, the community spirit is kept alive by a weekly Happy Hour, and a constant supply of other events created or attended by Burners. There are mailing lists for announcements and discussion, and a crew of regional contacts who are available to answer questions and support the community.

For more information about Burning Man, visit their website. This website is run by the New York City Regional Contacts for Burning Man, to facilitate the Burning Man culture year-round in New York City. The content on these pages is not officially associated with or endorsed by the Burning Man organization.

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