NYC Burner Happy Hour

Every Wednesday – since 2002

Originally organized by Asylum Village, a group of multiple NYC-based theme camps, NYC BURNER HAPPY HOUR has offered a forum for Burners of every ilk to gather. 

It is the longest-standing weekly burner gathering in the world! Rain, shine, holiday, and even during That Thing in the Desert, stop by to casually meet people, ask questions, float ideas, make plans, or simply pick up some fellow Burner energy in NYC.

Whether you prefer to drink soda or totally tie one on, all are welcome: Burners, friends, enemies, and whomever else happens to be at the bar. Time of “critical mass” is anyone’s guess, but people start trickling in around 6 pm…and on occasion, leave when the bar closes. Location can vary from a consistent venue to more exotic field trips.

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